Asthma and Fatigue

For many years my life revolved around football and watching Scunthorpe United home and away. I very rarely missed a game and I would think nothing of travelling from my home in Grimsby to the likes of Plymouth on a cold Tuesday night in the middle of winter. This would involve spending a total of 9 or 10 hours in the car and something like 13 to 14 hours out of the house. They were long days but I loved them, obviously they were much better when we won. However I have noticed that over the last few years, and this year in particular that I struggle to do it. I struggle to get out of bed in the first place (which is something that I never had a problem doing, but now I struggle every day whether it be a work day or a day off). I usually feel ok during the day of the match and the journey itself, but the following day is when I really struggle, I am just so tired, no energy at all and I could literally stay in bed all day. Quite often my breathing is shallower as well, but the main problem is the tiredness.


At the moment I always feel tired and lethargic, whether I am having a quiet relaxing day at home, whether I am at work or whether I am attempting to do something that I enjoy such as going to the football it is always the same, I am completely shattered! Quite often I struggle to sleep (which is sometimes because of my asthma and sometimes because of my medication such as the evil prednisolone) and so obviously this is going to cause me to be tired but even when I manage to sleep I still struggle to get out of bed and I struggle throughout the day. I get up for work at 5am during the week for work which doesn’t help but when my body clock is / was settled I could get up no problem, not any more though, on a weekend I still used to be up fairly early (not 5am though!) but now I struggle to get out of bed much before lunch, I can lay in bed for 12 or 13 hours, sleep most of that time and still be shattered.

It is currently Monday as I write this and I am still suffering from going to a football match last Thursday evening. The game was away to Millwall and I was out of the house for approximately 11hours and did not get home until 1.30am. I stay in bed on the Friday until lunchtime, and was still so shattered all day that I was back in bed by 10pm. I remained in bed for until 11am on Saturday. I had a quiet day in Saturday before venturing out for a meal and a couple of pints on the Saturday night with the wife. I was still back home and in bed by 10.30pm feeling shattered. I stayed in bed until 11am and did nothing when I got up until driving 25miles to Scunthorpe to see them play Millwall in the second leg of the play off. I was home before 9pm and in bed by 10pm, again I was shattered.

So what causes all this tiredness and fatigue?

Well as I have already mentioned a lack of sleep and some of my medication does not help. In general as a result of my asthma and feeling tired all the time I very rarely exercise, I am overweight and I am unfit all of which don’t help and a lot of it leads to a vicious circle which I am struggling to break. All of this has developed on the back of my bad asthma attack in January which took some recovering from.

As I understand it (and it does seem to make sense),  my asthma is likely to be associated with my fatigue, especially as it is not particularly well controlled. If my airways are continually inflamed, my body is having to work extra hard to take every breath and this extra work can lead to noticeable fatigue. A good way to think about it would be to imagine going through life only being able to breath through a straw which would obviously be exhausting and would take its toll!

I am hoping that as the weather (hopefully) improves then my asthma will also improve which I am hoping will lead to me feeling less tired.



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