What is going on?

It’s been a strange few days in the world of all things asthmatic.

On a personal note I thought that things were picking up a little bit, despite feeling rough on a couple of occasions during the week and my lungs have been pretty grumpy every morning but by and large things weren’t going too badly until Friday evening. I came home from work, I was coughing badly and Nellie decided to make an unwelcome appearance and set straight on my chest and she will not leave. Spending a Friday night on the nebuliser was not how I intended to start my birthday weekend and things have not improved. I was up all night and only occasionally managed to doze. I am still struggling now and I have a stinking headache to go with the tight chest.

On a wider note, what a strange 24 hours, cyber attacks on the NHS just highlights a couple of things, firstly how sick this world is, who the hell in their right mind would want to hold the NHS to ransom and jeapordise people’s health in the process. The second thing highlighted is once again the fact that the NHS is completely under funded, they can’t afford to keep hospital wards open, hospitals maintained or to employ enough staff so how are they expected to pay for a quality, secure IT system.

On a side note to this I am due to have my next Xolair injections at the hospital on Monday, I am just hopeful that they won’t be cancelled as a result of the cyber attack. Usually once I have have had my injections my asthma usually stabilises. This maybe even more essential if the following story reported by the Daily Mirror turns out to be accurate.

The Mirror reports:

“Stormy conditions over the next few days will set allergy sufferers off sneezing by sending pollen levels soaring.

So-called “super pollen” is set to fill the air after streets and pavement have been blanketed in a thick carpet of white dust after weeks of no rain.

Asthma and hay fever sufferers are being warned to take extra care amid forecasts Britain is about to turn hot, humid and thundery.”

To read the full article click on the link below:

Daily Mirror
For further advice on asthma and pollen please read the link to the Asthma UK website below:

Asthma UK

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