A Better Day

I am currently going through a bumpy patch with my asthma, fortunately I am not having any major attacks and the couple of chest infections that I have had since my last hospital admission in January have been fairly mild. So my asthma is not particularly severe at the moment it is pretty badly controlled, I am always feeling rough, my symptoms are the same as usual but not quite as bad as they often are. The disappointing thing though is that by this time of the year my asthma is usually fairly well controlled. Due to the on going symptoms I am totally shattered and feel run down, as I have recently written I am also feeling down (mentally) and in general I am fed up and beginning to feel sorry for myself. I have just got through a bad 3 or 4 days where I narrowly (and against medical advice) avoided another admission. Yet 24 hours after having disagreements with my asthma nurse and not allowing myself to be admitted I seem to be improving rapidly. Yes I am still coughing and (strangely) wheezing, my chest is still tight but I am coping and instead of laying in a hospital bed today I have managed to get to work, leaving home at 5.30am and not getting home until 6.30pm, the day also included approximately 6 hours of driving. I am shattered but I have got through it without having to use my nebuliser once, which considering I used it 6 times in the previous 24 hours. I achieved this despite a warm, humid and windy day which also included some heavy rain showers soo get through the day unscathed is even more surprising and pleasing. 

I am hoping that today wasn’t just a flash in the pan and was instead the start of a more stable period. I desperately need it, both physically and mentally. I would hardly say today was an enjoyable day, it was long and exhausting but as I say, when my asthma allows me to do things then I have to take the opportunity to do so, whether that be work or pleasure.

Therefore all in all a lot more positive today, no ranting or moaning and no feeling sorry for myself. Let’s see what the next few days bring!

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