The Smallest Nebuliser in the World?

I have just received what claims to be the smallest, lightest portable nebuliser ever, it also states that it can be used hands free and works at all angles which allows for inhalation in all positions.

I’ve got to say that it is the smallest nebuliser that I have ever seen and really is pocket size, but the important question is it any good?

It operates from a rechargeable battery which is charged by a micro USB cable (commonly used to charge mobile phones and Kindles). One charge will give up to 60 minutes continuous use.

It comes supplied with an adult mask, child mask, mouth tube, charger, USB cable, travel bag and hard carry case. Though I am not usually a lover of mouth tubes (I prefer using a mask), this small tube help makes this nebuliser completely pocket sized.

The Micro-Neb Micro Nebuliser s like most modern portable nebulisers in that it uses the mesh technology. The Micro-Neb is completely silent when in use and operates from a single on off button.

It claims that it can be used for various nebules but so far I have only tried it with salbutamol which it seemed to cope with pretty well. The medication chamber is located at the top of the nebuliser. It has a small catch which is used to secure and open the lid on the chamber. Once the mouth piece or mask is in place all you have to do is press the button to start the nebuliser. The aerosol particles are delivered ok though it is not the most powerful or fastest portable nebuliser that I have used but it still works to a reasonable standard.

The whole selling point around this nebuliser is its size and portability, it fits into my jeans pocket and is smaller than some of my inhalers (as below)

If you are looking for something as a back up nebuliser or something small to take with you when you are going out for just a few hours this is ideal. I would not want to rely on it as my main nebuliser or my only one on holiday etc. It is not that powerful and yes it is able to deliver medication and will offer some relief but if I was suffering from a bad attack or was needing back to back nebs I would much rather use my mains operated nebuliser or my Respironics Innospire Go.

The photograph above shows from left to right, the Omron MicroAir, the Medfit MicroNeb and the Philips Respironics Innospire Go. As you can see the MicroNeb is tiny in comparison to the other two.

It does not feel as well made or strong as the other nebulisers and has a ‘cheap’ feel to it. This is not too surprising though when you consider that this costs only a fraction of the price of the other two.

The MicroNeb is available on eBay or from the Tens Company (though this nebuliser is not currently listed on their site) for £30 to £40 and is a handy, ultra portable back up nebuliser and offers good value for money. If portability and size is important to you then this is certainly worth considering.

Tens Company
My own personal favourite portable nebuliser though is still the Respironics Innospire Go. For a more in depth review on the Innospire Go and other portable nebulisers, click on the link below:

Portable Nebuliser Review

As I have mentioned previously, if you are looking to purchase a nebuliser or seek expert advice the best people to speak to are Evergreen Nebulisers who are based in Wigan. Their website offers great advice and information on a whole range of nebulisers which can be bought on line or over the telephone.  To visit the Evergreen website, click on the link below:

If anybody has found a smaller portable nebuliser please let me know!

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