Countdown to my next Asthma Attack

My few weeks of good asthma control appear to be behind me. The weather since we entered September has suddenly changed, it is a lot cooler, we have had a number of windy days and we have had lots of heavy showers. As the weather has become more erratic, so have my lungs. My peak flow is all over the place again, each day is becoming more of a struggle, I am often short of breath and Nellie is back in town and sat right on my chest. I am coughing a lot more and the sleepless nights have returned.


My hopes of reducing my prednisolone dose is on hold and I am using my reliever inhaler far more frequently. So far (during this period)  I haven’t actually had what I would class as an asthma attack but every day is beginning to become a struggle. I know that usually my health starts to tail off once we see the end of summer but I usually manage to get through until November time before going completely down hill and I am hoping to last until that time again. I know that I will hit a real bad spell sooner or later which will probably result in further hospital admissions, it is something that I try not to worry about and just accept that it will happen.

I have booked to go away on holiday in a couple of weeks time, I always try to get away in September or early October before my health really plummets. I am desperate to get away and enjoy myself and the plan is to just have a few relaxing and chilling days in pleasant temperatures.


It is a slightly strange feeling knowing that I will have a really bad spell, I know it will happen, I just don’t know when, how severe and how long it will take to recover. In the last 8 years I have only managed 1 winter without a hospital admission, other winters have seen me spend most of my time in hospital and having 2 or 3 months off of work sick.


The thought of having a bad asthma attack doesn’t actually worry me, there is nothing I can do about it, who knows, the next bad attack could be my last (for either positive or negative reasons, but lets not go there), what I find myself worrying about more is how long it will take me to recover (which hopefully I will), how long will I be off work sick and how soon will I be able to get back to doing things that I like doing, things such as going to football.

So the countdown to my next bad attack is on, it will be interesting to see when it strikes!

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