Another Hospital Admission

Firstly I apologise for the lack of updates to the blog over the last week or so but due to my asthma playing up I haven’t really felt up to writing anything and to be perfectly honest I still don’t. Therefore this is not going to be the longest or most detailed update that I have ever written.

I started to go downhill on Sunday, I was short of breath and very tight chested. My sats were all over the place and by Sunday night I started to fear another admission. I wasn’t going down without a fight though (in yet another example of me ignoring my own advice). A few days earlier I had started to reduce my prednisolone dose and so I immediately increased the dose again along with increased nebs. I warned work on Sunday evening that I was unlikely to make it in on Monday. 

Sunday night slowly became Monday morning, not a sink of sleep due to my asthma, there wasn’t a chance in hell of me getting to work. I kept battling on until Wednesday night but deep down I knew that I wasn’t going to avoid an hospital admission. I had probably given myself longer than what I would advise any body else to in my situation. It was just the thought of hours in A&E trying to convince the staff that despite not wheezing I was having problems with my asthma. Then waiting even longer for a bed to become available, I know it may not sound like much but to be made to feel that you are lying or exaggerating about your condition or accused of having panic attacks etc is not nice, especially when unwell and struggling to talk.

However as I was wheeled into resus in the early hours of Thursday morning the treatment and care received was excellent. I was quickly diagnosed as having no / little air movement on my right hand side.

I was quickly treated and transferred to the ward and here I am less than 24 hours later laying in my bed on the high dependency unit, slowly improving and managing to write a few words for the blog.

I even managed to survive my first meal of this admission!

The intention is to write in more detail about this admission as and when my health allows. 

For more information and advice on when to go to A&E please visit Asthma UK at the link below:

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