Hospital Admission Update Day 10

I am now on day 10 of my current admission because of my asthma. I was admitted last Wednesday night and at the time of admission I had little / no air movement on my right hand side. A spent some time on HDU and have now been on the respiratory ward for just over a week. I was making little or no improvement to begin with, I was still short of breath, very quiet on my right hand side and still had a severely tight chest. As a result of these ongoing asthma problems I have remained on high doses of steroids which usually causes my blood sugar levels to go through the roof, however for some reason my blood sugar levels have dropped so low that I have been having continuous hypo’s (this despite reducing and then stopping my insulin), they became so bad and I was becoming so unwell that I was given IV Dextrose and fluids. Even now my sugar levels are quite low but thankfully at the moment the hypo’s have stopped. I am currently undergoing tests to try and find out why despite the high doses of steroids, the lack of exercise and stopping my insulin has still resulted in these low readings and hypo’s. The tiredness and dizzyness caused by the hypo’s have also hindered my recovery from my asthma problems which have been compounded by me having further asthma attacks on the ward in the last few days. The worst and lastest attack happened at an unfortunate time in that it coincided with the patient in the next bed to me suffering a suspected stroke at exactly the same time. This left the amount of medical care available to me at reduced levels but despite everything we did eventually get things stabilised.

We have now tweeked a few things such as putting me back on IV Aminophylline.

I am also back on IV hydrocortisone, 2 hourly nebs (including through the night), increased oxygen, increased dose of  oramorph, tramadol and I am also back on the CPAP.

I apologise if this update is garbled or full typing errors etc but my head is scrambled at the minute and I am typing this on my phone while I am suffering from salbutamol shakes.

I am battered and bruised (an example is as below)

My view after 10 days is becoming rather boring (as below) and most of my fellow patients in the bay are becoming somewhat irritating. 

I am not sure whether it is their fault, the way I feel in general or whatever but 10 days of annoying fellow inmates and really poor food (such as yesterday’s ‘meal’ of a jacket potato with approximately 4 baked beans – below) is starting to take its toll, mentally and physically.

Most of the staff, (in A&E, HDU and Respiratory), whether they be consultants, doctors, nurses, carers etc have all been superb, (with the exception of one doctor who I write about another time) and to them I must say a big thank you. Also the same applies to my wife, family, friends and visitors (the emergency food packages are helping me survive this) and also those who I have spoken to on social media.

I don’t expect to be allowed home anytime soon but I dlfeel as though we have turned a corner and things are just starting to pick up.

Thanks for reading

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