Hospital Admission – Day 13

Following a bumpy few days the 13th day of capture appears to be nearing an end without too many dramas.

I hardly slept a wink last night, my lungs / airways were grumpy enough to prevent me sleeping but not bad enough to cause any major problems, we finally managed a full night without having the doctor called to see me. I did have a few problems with my blood sugar levels throughout the night and at one stage they dropped to 3.8 buy some glucose intake and a snack soon got the levels back up.

The blood sugar remains an enigma though as my levels should be sky high with my current meds, we are still trying to find the reasons for this as when my breathing improves and we reduce my prednisolone dose my sugar levels in theory should also drop, if this happens I could have some problems.

My chest did tighten once pretty badly during the night but pain relief and back to back nebs helped and the tightness reduced.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful, I spent the morning resting and updating the blog. I also met with the diabetes consultant to discuss the blood sugar issues.

This afternoon saw my parents visit which was nice and I appreciated that they had made the effort to make a journey with a round trip of over 100 miles in terrible weather just to spend a couple of hours with me. They have always been there for me and the support that they have given over these last few years when I have spent so much time in and out of hospital has surpassed what anybody could ask or ever hope for.

I was also fitted with my own CPAP mask and machine this afternoon, the mask seems to fit well and we set the machine up and during a short trial this afternoon everything seemed fine. It will be interesting how much it helps when I try sleeping in it tonight, if everything goes well I will then take that machine home with me when I go.

The food was to its usual poor standard and so was delighted that my wife was able bring a pizza in for me when she visited this evening. The pizza was interrupted slightly by my chest tightening and me needing additional nebs and pain relief but the important thing is that I managed to eat my pizza which tasted far nicer than my NHS provided meal!

My wife and her rescue food parcels, whether in making and bringing food in or grabbing a takeaway have proved to be a vital lifeline and it was nice to just be able to chill with her for a short time and stuff our faces with a takeaway, all of my admissions but an extra strain on my wife, she holds down a full time job, her family live miles away, she is worried about me and she then has to still go home and start on things like housework and getting things done for me such as clean clothes etc. This admission has proved stressful for both of us and so tonight was good in that I was well enough to actually chat with her, enjoy our food and do something that could nearly be described as normal.

So all in all quieter day which to be honest is something that both me and my family really needed, the next target is to try and get some sleep!

To end this update on a positive, I have to achieved my highest peak flow reading since my admission, this is usually a good indication that things are improving!

Thanks for reading!

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