Hospital Admission – Day 14 and Hope

So after a quiet day 13 of this current capture I was hoping for some positive things to happen on day 14, what I got was far better than I dared ever hope for. Whether things are finally going right or whether it is just another false start I’m not sure but I am sticking to my own personal Asthma philosophy, survive the bad days and enjoy the good ones. Day 14 has certainly been a good one and I’ve enjoyed it as much as is possible laying on a hospital bed.

When I went to bed last night I wasn’t that hopeful of too much sleep as I haven’t really slept well for weeks, I did however have the support / use of my new BiPAP / CPAP machine. I placed the mask on just after completing my midnight nebs, (I was also due to take the nebs every 2 hours throughout the night) but then something strange happened.

I closed my eyes and the next think I knew was that it was 6am and a nurse was testing my blood sugar levels (which were in range). I woke up feeling great (apart from the dryness caused by the BiPAP / CPAP), my chest felt as well as has done in weeks (if not longer), I felt fresh and full of energy (by my usual standards)there was no urge to cough and clear my lungs. This was all a strange experience for me. Amazingly I had managed to sleep for a solid 5 or 6 hours (and even missed a couple of nebs in the process as the nurses didn’t want to wake me as they knew how shattered I was and felt that the sleep was possibly more important than the nebs!)

My sats were much improved and I felt good, I enjoyed my breakfast and I even managed a shower and a shave. What the hell has happened overnight I’m not sure but I feel like a completely different person (just a shame that I still look the same – apart from a little less facial hair).

I’m not sure whether I slept because of the machine or whether it was from pure exhaustion, I’m hoping that the machine has something to do with it has this would suggest that something new maybe helping me, if it was just sleeping because of my exhaustion then the bad nights will be back. The fact that I felt so good and refreshed though does suggest that the machine has helped, we just don’t know to what extent. It will be interesting to see how things go tonight and tomorrow.

My Doctor came to see me this morning and she is encouraged by my improvement but has warned me that there are still likely to be setbacks and to remember that I am still on IV aminophylline and IV hydrocortisone and so there is no way that I can escape until they can transfer me back from the IV to tablet forms and keep me stable in the process.

Therefore I am likely to be in for a fair few days at least yet, even if things continue to improve and I have no setbacks. My peak flow and other sats are all improving but still not quite good enough and so I should not get carried away but today has been a really positive step, it is only a small step but hopefully a start. We have also managed to reduce some of my pain medication as well which is a nice bonus!

Things continued to go well in that I actually managed to eat my lunch from the NHS, it didn’t look the best, it didn’t taste the best but I managed to eat what I would best describe as something that tasted like a microwave curry from the supermarket.

My parents once again visited me during the afternoon and they agreed that I looked and sounded much better than when they had visited me previously, I think that this cheered them up as I know that they have been worried about me.

Then came another shock to the system, my NHS evening meal was also ok. The steak slice is hardly going to putt Greggs out of business, the peas weren’t great and the potato wedges were, potato wedges, it was better than I have had for most meals during this stay.

My wife is now on her way to visit and then I anticipate a peaceful end to a good day.

Fingers crossed that day 15 will continue to be as positive, if it is I might dare to start to dreaming of an escape. I just need to keep reminding myself that I am still not well, I can’t allow myself to overdo things and not to try and force things, it might take a few days, a few weeks or it may take even longer but I need to just focus on getting myself right.

Currently this capture is:

Days in Hospital 14

Days off Work Sick 13 (plus weekends)

Scunthorpe United matches missed 3

Days since an attack / flare up 2

Number of bruises too many to count

For now I am trying to forget about work, forget about football (neither are easy though as both play a major part in my life) and just concentrate on one thing!

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