What does an attack feel like?

A superb piece, unfortunately these experiences seem to be all too common!

Why Wait? Just breathe!

The biggest pain/annoyance/complete inconvenience of having asthma is an attack. All of the medications, treatments and measures put in place are in order to prevent an attack. I could go into the medical side of what an asthma attack is but I would rather describe what it feels like from a personal view. I will state that these are my experiences and different people may have different experiences. I will also state that my attacks do differ so I will try to cover what each one feels like.

Sometimes attacks will just happen – no warning, just the feeling like you cannot breathe at all. Or on the other hand, you are teased with the anticipation. The build up is the worst. Sometimes I am grateful for the warning – sometimes I hate the fact that I know that my lungs are about to have a tantrum. I could be…

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  1. I am incredibly honored!!

    It is really sad and upsetting that the standard of care just is not there for those of us who actually need it. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined spending so much time around hospitals in my early twenties but unfortunately that is life! It is just about learning to adapt life to fit with the asthma!


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