Awful experience in AAU…

This is another example of a severe asthmatic struggling to make staff in A&E / AAU understand her condition. Good sats and no wheeze do not always mean that there is nothing wrong. Read her story below, visit her blog and follow her on twitter @wait_onebreath

Why Wait? Just breathe!

If you are following me on twitter, you will know that I am currently experiencing an exacerbation. This will be a short one as I am so so angry and upset about the way I have been treated yet again. Please let me know if I am not the only one…

My chest started tightening up and I am struggling to take deep breaths at all. My peak flow was 120. However, as some of you will be well versed with this – my sats were good and a clear chest. Nebulisers were not easing the tightness and did diddly squat to improve my breathing. So, the paramedic practitioner referred me to AAU. That is where things went downhill.

On arrival they did all of the usual observations and was taken round to x-ray for another chest x-ray. I had already stated that my chest was tight and nebulisers were…

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