Today is not a good day!

Today is Saturday, a day that used to be my favourite day of week. I should be on my way to the football to see my beloved Scunthorpe United, I should be enjoying the banter with my friends as we travel to the game, I should be looking forward to the pre-match pint.

Today though is like most of my recent Saturdays, no football for me today, no banter, no pint. In fact today is like most other days. I have woken from a badly interrupted night of ‘sleep’ and now my daily routine begins.

I have checked my blood sugar levels (I suffer from steroid induced diabetes, having continuously taken prednisolone for years). The good news is that I am well above that nasty hypo level, the bad news is that I haven’t taken my prednisolone yet (which will cause the blood sugar levels to rise) or eaten anything yet my reading is still well in double figures. When my blood sugar levels are high I get lots of headaches, feel tired and sick. Not a great start then.

Next job is to fire up the nebuliser, at least that will only take a few minutes as I am only taking 1 x 5mg of ventolin. Oh well at least the sound of the neb and the intake of ventolin has woken me up. Oh well I should have checked my peak flow in advance but that’s not important now.

Right then, time to lock and load the insulin pen, quick check for air bubbles, try to find a fresh injection site and fire.

Right then let’s move onto the inhalers, just the two at the moment, one is Spiriva the other is Fostair which is taken through a spacer though the spacer looks more like a sex toy!

Onto the nasal spray, how I hate the nasal spray, Beconase is evil!

Now for the fun part, tablets!!!

I nice colourful combination of 23 mainly chalky tablets, fortunately it is only 23 this morning as I am slowly trying to reduce my prednisolone.

So that is my meds sorted until lunchtime, I suppose I should just check my peakflow and enter the results into my iphone app (it will keep my consultant happy).

I feel sick, possibly due to lack of sleep, possibly due to the high blood sugar levels and possibly due to the taste of all of those chalky tablets. The question is can I stomach any breakfast?

I will pop and have a quick shower to try and see if that helps.

Shower done, I feel a little more refreshed, but a stinking headache and I still feel sick. 

I will just have a quick look at my emails, mainly spam but a couple which I need to look at.

The first one is from work, I returned to work yesterday for 4 hours as the start of a phased return to work following my asthma attack and hospital admission on January 17th. The HR department have arranged a meeting with me to discuss my absence, marvelous this usually results in the threat of disciplinary due to my poor attendance record. I understand the problems that my health causes my employer but I could do without worrying about what will happen. I just don’t need the additional stress that potentially losing my job would cause. Oh well I will try and forget about it until closer the time.

The second email to catch my attention is from my bank saying that my latest statement is available on line. I suppose that I should look but I daren’t. Due to my absences over the last 12 months I no longer get full pay while I am off sick as I have exceeded 13 weeks within a rolling 12 month period, therefore I am only paid SSP, again I appreciate that my employer can’t carry on paying me my full salary when I am not there but my bills are the same whether I’m working or not and they still need to be paid. Just something else to worry about. Again I don’t want to think about things like this but job and financial issues are a major concern.

I’ve still not managed breakfast and I am feeling pretty down but hey it is Saturday things will pick up.

The excitement never ends as now the post has arrived, lets have a look, anything interesting, bills,  bills, junk mail and a letter from the hospital. Sod the bills I can’t afford to pay them so I suppose I should open the letter from the hospital.

Oh well nothing exciting or new but just a reminder of something else to worry about. I started on Xolair injections last year, this involves me attending hospital every 4 weeks for a couple of injections. These injections appear to be helping me but unfortunately I occasionally get some side effects. I often get severe muscle and joint pain for a few days following the injections but as I told my consultant it is small price to pay. However following another injection I suffered pretty bad respiratory problems and had to be admitted to hospital. At this stage my consultant wanted to stop the injections, however once I recovered we realised that the injections seemed to be working, my breathing improved, my pekflow improved and I felt better then I had in years. We had a major decision to make whether to carry on. My respiratory team were opposed to it and after a lot of consideration we decided to continue but was admitted to hospital for 4 days for observation following the injections. Everything went well and the Xolair injections continued. However following my last injections suffered respiratory problems again, we are not sure whether this was down to the Xolair or another medication that I had just started, or even just a coincidental asthma attack. Either way there are concerns as to whether we should carry on with the Xolair. This letter is confirmation that they want to admit me back into hospital for a day or two following my next injection on March 20th, should I suffer any reaction then the Xolair injections will probably have to stop. Potentially a major setback for me personally and something else to worry about, never mind having to take more time off of work.

So what shall I do with the rest of my day, I should probably try and eat something, I could go for a short walka nd get some fresh air, the problem with that is leaving the house is another challenge. I have to make sure that I have my pocket nebuliser, spare batteries, nebules, inhalers, lunchtime medication, blood glucose monitor, gluco juice (in case I have a hypo) epipen and my medical emergency wallet. 

I’m not sure whether it is worth the effort and it looks like rain so why bother.

Oh well another Saturday will be spent watching sport on tv, how I miss traveling the country with my mates every Saturday watching Scunthorpe United, having a laugh and a few pints.

Maybe next week!

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