Hospital saved my life!

A heartfelt and honest story posted on her own blog, well worth a read.
Read her blog at and follow her on Twitter @wait_onebreath

Why Wait? Just breathe!

I have been a bit quiet this week. The reason? I was rushed to hospital via ambulance on Monday due to my body not coping with the tight chest at all. I suffered the biggest attack I have ever had and discovered that I have pneumonia once more. However, the hospital saved my life and I wanted to share the journey with you to highlight just how dangerous Severe Asthma can be!

I will start on Monday. I was struggling and was short of breath so went down to my GP surgery for a nebuliser. This helped while I was on it so my GP let me go home to relax with the instructions to attend A&E if I deteriorated. I did just that until the afternoon. I was unable to nap at all and my chest was so painful from all the work that it was having to do. I…

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