Asthma UK

The internet is a superb tool to find out information on anything and if you need to find out more about asthma there is so much information out there. If you are newly diagnosed with asthma it is more than likely that you will want to find out more about the condition and so internet will be many peoples first port of call. There is so much good information and advice out there, however there is also lots of confusing, incorrect and contradictory information out there. The one website that can be relied upon (in Britain) is Asthma UK, the website is well laid out and provides virtually every bit of information that you could ever need. There is information on what asthma actually is, types of asthma, types of treatment and lots of other advice. I myself visit the website regularly and often find something new and interesting, whether it is information or developments on treatment or whether it be somebody telling a story about their own asthma experiences.

There is also an excellent forum / message board which is also useful for seeking further information. In addition to the online support they also provide a telephone service whereby people can contact an Asthma UK nurse. The website also provides numerous downloadable tools such as asthma action plans.


Asthma UK do many things but probably in the simplest of terms they come under 2 main categories, research and support. I would urge anybody with or knows anybody who has asthma to visit the site and also subscribe to their newsletter / email.

I would also urge anybody who can to support Asthma UK (which after all is a charity) to do so, support can be given in many different ways, offering support financially, joining in with fundraising or offering your services as volunteer.

They really do some great work!

Visit the website

Speak to an asthma expert nurse on the Asthma UK helpline on

0300 222 5800




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