Mornings with Asthma

My morning ritual isn’t particularly pleasant, some mornings are worse than others but in general I hate them. I always used to be a “morning person” getting up quite early, even on weekends or while on holiday I would be up and about but now that first hour or so in a morning is something I hate. A typical weekday morning for me (when I am fairly well and going to work) goes something like this.

My alarm will go off at 5am, some mornings I am awake (sometimes because I never slept, other times because my body clock kicks in), unfortunately as I don’t usually sleep well the alarm always seems to go off just as I have finally managed to doze off. I usually slam the clock on snooze. I will then try to haul myself out of bed and into the bathroom which is where the fun begins. By the time I have struggled to the bathroom my lungs and airways start to wake up and I usually feel terrible, I will feel sick and be coughing in very badly, some mornings I manage to cough up a lot of mucus / phloegm which usually helps, other mornings I can’t and the coughing just continues. Once I have settled down a little bit I will have my shower etc and sometimes the steam helps, while in the shower I will try some of my breathing exercises which I have been advised to do.

Not every morning but probably 2 or 3 mornings a week I will then get a nosebleed, we beleive that this is as a result of me having to take anticoagulants due previous suffering from a pulmonary embolisms and blood clots, also the steam from the shower probably doesn’t help.

I will then return to the bedroom where apart from getting dressed I take my medication and check a few sats. The first things that I check are my blood sugar levels, if the levels drop below 5 I should not drive immediately and I should take something with sugar / glucose to raise the levels.  I will then check my peakflow and record the result.

Then it is onto the meds, I usually start with my insulin injection. Then I take 2 different inhalers and a nasal spray. Not always pleasant when you are still feeling sick. Then onto the tablets, I always keep my pills organised and start getting them out of my organiser. Most of the tablets are the same each day, the one that usually changes is the prednisolone as the dose can vary. This morning I took a total of 21 tablets, most of which were chalky and unpleasant in taste. Occasionally if I think I may be sick I will delay taking the tablets but If I can I try to get them out of the way. I then check that I have everything packed in my bag (nebuliser, glucose, inhalers etc).

By this time I am still usually feeling a little bit sick and can’t stomach and food or drink. I always have a couple of drinks in the car with me, one sugar free and one sugary just so that I am covered either way depending on my bloods. So on my empty stomach and while still feeling nauseous I will leave the house and go to the car to start the 60 mile drive to work. In the winter I will always come my nose and mouth with a snood or scarf even for the few steps to my car. Those sub zero temperatures can really hit your chest.

Somedays I start to feel slightly better on my journey to work and so will stop at the services for a coffee, other days I will just drive straight to work. I usually arrive at work just before 7am and will usually have a drink as soon as I arrive. Usually by this time I still don’t feel 100% but I am usually feeling a bit better and I will attempt to have some breakfast.

Somedays are worse than others, somedays I can’t manage to make it in to work or I have to go in late. Some mornings I will need my nebulisers to help but one thing for sure though is that I don’t feel at my best in the morning!

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