1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back

1 step forward, 2 steps back is how I feel today. I have just completed my first full week at work since January, I’ve not particularly over done things, I’ve restricted myself to office work and tried to be sensible. I was feeling pretty positive, I knew things weren’t perfect but I was progressing, the lungs though a little bit grumpy were behaving, my biggest issue was still my diabetes and the high blood sugar levels. So just as I was beginning to think that I was in the right track, the weather improving (the weather plays a major part in my asthma), my last Xolair injections passed without and side effects and the intention is to continue with them. So all in all everything was going okay, but no the lungs aren’t going to have that are they?

I have now come down with a chest infection, I’ve felt a lot worse but I am struggling, I managed to complete the working week and now the intention is to spend the weekend chilling. My breathing is just about ok but as soon as I do anything, even talking, it takes it out of me. I have developed an intermittent wheeze which is pretty rare for me and the little bit of mucus that I am coughing up is coloured and not very nice. I am on a course of antibiotics which should help, I gave increased the prednisolone which should also help but will almost certainly play havoc with my blood sugar levels and finally I am hitting the nebuliser more frequently. My chest is tight, I am short of breath, as mentioned I have some wheeze, I have a cough and I can’t sleep. At the moment I aren’t over fearful of the infection leading to an asthma attack which often happens. Don’t ask me why, I can usually sense these things and I usually get it right, I maybe wrong but fingers crossed.

Hopefully this is just a minor setback and nothing too serious will develop from it. I am just so frustrated that I had to pick up this infection now, as I said, 1 step forward, 2 back.


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