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I decided to start writing this blog about a month ago. Partially to just share my experiences and hopefully to help others in some small way. However the main reason was purely selfish, I didn’t expect that many people to read the blog, I mean who the hell is bothered about reading about the troubles and moans of a sickly bloke in his 40s. The number one reason to start the blog was to help me, a platform to let out my anger and frustration, a place to get things off my chest! I have said on numerous occasions that it is not always easy or even the right thing to do to share all of your frustrations and worries with family and friends. They are the ones who have an awful lot to put up with, they are the ones who witness me struggling to breathe, turning blue and getting carted off in an ambulance. They are the ones who stil try to run a house, carry on working and still find time to come and visit me in hospital every day and try to put a brace face on, the last thing they need is me moaning, complaining and adding to their worries. They are also the ones who miss out on holidays and parties etc at the last minute because I am not well enough to go. Because of my condition they have some understanding but they don’t know what it is like to know that you are going downhill, to know that the hospital admission is imminent. They don’t know how it feels when you can’t breathe, they try to understand but ultimately they don’t and can’t know. Therefore quite often I find it easier either talking to people who know my condition more than they know me. Another severe asthmatic can usually relate to what I am saying and understand it because the chances are that they have had similar experiences. This is where social media has so many benefits, over the years I have made numerous friends on Facebook, on Twitter and various message boards such as the Asthma UK forum. I consider myself a pretty good listener and I try not to ram my thoughts or beliefs down people’s throats, it’s all about allowing people to say what they want, listening and offering support of sharing experiences good or bad. As stated I didn’t expect the blog to have too many visitors but I just wanted somwehere to moan and put things in black and white without placing a burden on anybody. However the response to the blog has surpassed all expectations, I am writing more on it than expected and the feedback received is amazing, through the blog and the supporting Facebook and Twitter pages I have made many new friends and have lots of chats with many people. Some of the stories that these new friends have shared with me have moved me to tears, I won’t name them as I am sure that what they told me was in confidence. I have spoken to people who have lost young children to asthma, others are struggling to cope with a member of their family suffering from severe asthma, some of them children, some of them their partners. Others are sufferers themselves and have shared their experiences or given feedback and support of my own problems and experiences. I have chatted with people of both sexes, off all ages and from all over the world, I have chatted to people with different connections to asthma, medical professionals, sufferers (some more serious than others). I hope that in some small way by sharing things with me they feel a little better, or by reading the blog they realise that they are not alone. This is so important to remember, there are so many if us in the UK and around the world who are effected by asthma and suffer similar experiences. If anybody would like to write a piece for the blog however short or long, whether they wish to be named or not is not a problem, I just want to keep the blog going with more and more stories, whether they be sad or happy. If you would like to contribute please get in touch through here or on social media.

I am not a medical expert but I consider myself knowledgeable on my own asthma and the problems that it causes, your experiences may be different, if so please get in touch and share them. From past experience many of us face very similar problems and we should not be afraid to talk about them.

Please don’t suffer in silence, speak to your GP or nurse, contact an Asthma UK nurse, use their forum, talk to your family, join an asthma page on Facebook (there are quite a few), use social media, read a blog or even start your own. Just remember you are not alone and there are people out there who will offer a shoulder to cry on or to offer advice.

I would also like to thank everybody who has read this blog, to those who have shared on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter. Please keep reading and publicising the blog, the more people who we connect with the better. If you write your own blog let me know, I am happy to post links and share posts etc.

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