The Perfect Drug

So I am not very good a breathing, big deal, give me an inhaler or a couple of tablets and I’ll be fit to go!

Oh so there are are a few more inhalers than I first thought and the tablets come by the bucket load but hey, no big deal, if it improves my breathing I’ll take the lot.

Right so there might be the odd side effect, not a major problem, every drug has a risk of side effects but nothing too nasty and usually I get no side effects at all.

Oh so these side effects are real, I can’t sleep, I can’t stop eating, I am irritable, my mood swings are upsetting people, I’ve put on weight, my skin is not very good, I am covered in spots, I have an upset stomach………….

So when the hell is somebody going to discover a drug which cures asthma, makes me lose weight, helps me sleep and gives me a superb figure with immaculate skin and to top it off it needs to be taken with alcohol!

Categories: Light Hearted, My Asthma

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  1. I want that drug that you described at the end – plus a hayfever reliever too

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