My Asthma Update

It is now 3 months since my last hospital admission following an asthma attack. During the winter months for me to go 3 months without an admission is a massive improvement compared to previous years. Over the last 5 years on average I have had 3 admissions per winter so I am quite happy that this year has been quite a bit better. Usually once we get past April and the weather improves so does my health so I am quite hopeful that things should settle down now. Saying that, my health hasn’t been great over the last few months, I am pretty much up and down, my peak flow is still all over the place and I am still struggling to reduce my prednisolone. I am currently still on 30mg and the lowest that I got down to before having to increase it again was 25mg which is a little disappointing. I am still having some bad and sleepless nights and I am still having to take my nebuliser but things are nowhere near as bad as previous years. One of my biggest problems is that the prednisolone is still causing problems with my blood sugar levels but saying that over the last few days even they are slightly more controlled. I managed to get back to work a few weeks ago and I am now back full time which again is an improvement on previous years. The strange part about all of this though is that overall on myself I feel pretty down, I am very tired and feel very lethargic. I believe that this winter my asthma has plateaued out. My bad days aren’t as bad (hence the reduction in hospital admissions) but my good days aren’t as good. I have had a couple of chest infections (not too serious) and in general I just feel very flat and run down.

I am not sure why my has asthma has not been quite as severe so far this winter but I do have a few ideas for it. An obvious reason maybe that the Xolair has helped, another maybe that we have not had a particularly bad or cold winter and the third possible reason maybe down to my extra cautious approach to things. Since my admission in January apart from work I have done very little, I have not been to many football matches and have only gone when I have felt almost 100% which let’s be honest isn’t much of the time. My social life is almost nil, I have had one night out in the pub with my mates this year and one meal out with the wife. I have not had any weekends away and I have not been to any boxing this year. This very / over cautious approach maybe the reason that the asthma has improved but may also be one of the reasons why I don’t feel great and am feeling pretty down. It is always a hard balancing act of not overdoing things and actually doing nothing at all. 

I am trying to make a concerted effort to step things up, starting this weekend. This began yesterday (Good Friday) when I attended only my second Scunthorpe United away game this calendar year, the game was at Milton Keynes and it was long day, I left home before 9am and didn’t get home until 8pm. The weather wasn’t great, pretty cold and showers but we won the game and I returned home in good spirits. It dud take it out of me somewhat, I was absolutely shattered when I got home and my lungs are a little bit grumpy but I am just about coping. 

I hope to go out either today or tomorrow depending on how I feel and have a few drinks or a meal out with the wife. Then on Easter Monday Scunthorpe are playing again (this time at home) and the intention is to go to that. On Tuesday I have my Xolair injection and hopefully that should not require me haveing to stay in hospital this time and then back to work.

I even have a holiday planned for June and we are hoping to gave a weekend in the Lake District (where my wife’s family live) before that in May.

Hopefully I will stay clear of any serious asthma attacks and hopefully my general health and well being will improve as well.


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