Asthma Relapse

This weekend pretty much sums up why I hate asthma. In the last piece that I wrote I described how I had enjoyed my Good Friday seeing the mighty Scunthorpe United win at Milton Keynes. This was the first time this calendar year that I had felt well enough to travel to a distance away game. I knew that it would take it out of me but knowing that it was a 4 day weekend I was hopeful that I would be ok and should I have any problems I would have a few days to recover. Much to my delight I felt ok the following day and so decided that I would go out for a quiet meal with my wife on Saturday night. I knew that it was quite cold and windy but the restaurant was less than a 5 minute walk away. I got wrapped up pretty well and took my inhaler as a precaution prior to leaving the house. To be honest the wind was worse than I thought and it was a relief when we made it to the restaurant. We both enjoyed our meal but I knew that I was beginning to struggle, I was coughing pretty badly, my chest was pretty tight (but not too bad) and in general I didn’t feel great. The original plan was to call at the local pub after our meal but dye to the way I was feeling we felt it would be better to go straight home. Upon returning home I didn’t feel great but was hoping that a couple of puffs of ventolin might help, this was not to be the case. I decided I needed the nebuliser and though it helped initially I still didn’t feel great. In the end I went to bed knowing that I wouldn’t sleep, I was right. I used the nebuliser a few times through the night and apart from dozing occasionally I was awake pretty much most of the night. 

Throughout Sunday I have needed regular nebs and I have hardly ventured from the settee all day. To be honest I haven’t come close to having an actual attack or even having to think about going to hospital. From previous experience I know that things are likely to go one of 2 ways from here, tomorrow will either see a dramatic improvement (I haven’t yet given up hope of going to the Scunthorpe v Chesterfield match) or I will continue to go down hill and possibly have an attack. 

As per usual there are probably 3 of 4 factors contributing towards this ‘relapse’ firstly going out in the string wind appears to be a major factor, secondly the effects of the long day on Friday hadn’t helped (though I wouldn’t say that by itself would be a factor, just on top of everything else). Another factor is probably the changeable weather over the last few days which is always one of my triggers. A few days ago I reduced my prednisolone (well that lasted a long time as I have had to increase it again) and finally I am due my next Xolair injection, it was due to be on Monday but due to Easter I am having it on Tuesday. I always seem to start to go slightly down hill as my previous injection runs out and I approach the last few days before my next injections.

Fingers crossed that this is only a slight relapse and I am feeling better soon.


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