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So I have managed to reach May and so far this year I have only had one hospital admission due to an asthma attack (I have also had 1 admission for observation following a Xolair injection). This is a much better record than during previous years and now that we have reached May and the weather should be improving and traditionally my asthma improves  between April November. Only time will tell whether this improvement is as a result of the Xolair injections, which is hopefully the main reason. We have not suffered a particularly severe winter which has also probably helped and obviously it maybe just a one off and who knows, my asthma maybe worse than ever next winter. I’m not kidding myself, my health hasn’t been great and as I have written previously it appears as though my asthma has plateaued some what. At the moment my asthma at its worst does not seem as bad as it has done previously, unfortunately when I am feeling well I don’t feel as well as I have done previously, my asthma never seems completely stable and under control. This is something that concerns me, as does my failure to reduce my prednisolone dose. Towards the end of last year I managed to drop as low as 10mg which is my lowest in about 6 years. I am currently on 30mg and whenever I have tried to reduce it any further I have had problems. Both of these concerns are something that I will discuss with my consultant when I next see her. I seem to feel ok for 4 or 5 days and then I seem to struggle for a day or 2.  My peak flow readindings are all over the place and sleeping is still a problem. It is becoming very frustrating but as I have already mentioned, the hope is that with the improved weather I should become more controlled. 

I need to get things settled down as have a busy few weeks ahead of me. Scunthorpe United have reached the play offs and now play away to Millwall on Thursday night, followed by the return leg at Scunthorpe next Sunday evening. My intention is to get to both games which will mean me travelling further to a game than I have done for quite sometime. Travelling and long days really seem to take its toll on me at the moment and though I am looking forward to the games I do have some concerns. I used to travel to every game, home and away and it never bothered me but this last 12 months or so I really struggle. If we are successful against Millwall we then will have a trip to Wembley in a few weeks time and if we manage to get there I will be desperate to attend.

At the end of May we are due to go the Lake District to spend a few days with my wife’s family, this again will involve a fair bit of travelling but hopefully will give us some time to relax. Then into June and we have booked a week in Majorca. In between all of this I also have to fit in 2 more lots of Xolair injections. After all this I would also like to get to see some boxing and cricket, both of which I really enjoy. As a result of my health I haven’t managed to get to any boxing yet this year which is disappointing. 

Here’s hoping to an asthma free few months!

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