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If you know me personally or are friends with me on social media you will already know that one of my pet hates is hospital food. To be fair I pretty much have an obsession for posting pictures of virtually every meal that I have had in hospital. I could go on for hours about the standard of the food, the poor choices of food, the temperature of the food, you name it and I can complain about it, but rather than go on yet another rant I thought that I would share some pictures of my ‘favourite’ hospital meals over the last few years!

In fairness some of the meals tasted better than they looked, the trouble is that many weren’t and some tasted even worse than they looked. Many of the meals were tasteless, bland, dry or cold. Some meals I could even work out what I was eating. Over the years the hospital food has improved slightly but in my experience the standard is still very poor.

Feel free to guess what the meals were in the photos!

Meanwhile, here are some photographs of some of the better food that I had in hospital!


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