Everybody's Asthma is Different

We all know that there are different types of asthma, which all effect people in different ways, whether it is the triggers that are different, the symptoms or the severity, asthma is different for everyone. Now this maybe a case of the pot calling the kettle black  (considering how much I go on about my own asthma) but I am a little bid fed up with people who tell the world how they beat asthma and telling us that it was cured by some miracle herbal remedy or purely by exercise. They tell us that asthma does not need to change our life or prevent us from exercising, will you please shut up?

Sign me up!

Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am overweight, I know that I am currently the unfittest that I have been in my whole life, I know that if I could lose a little bit of weight (which I occasionally do) and if I was a little bit fitter it would help my asthma. Some people are lucky, their asthma is not too severe or they may have it well controlled and they are able to exercise regularly, fair play to them. Maybe they do suffer from severe asthma and have still managed to maintain decent fitness levels, again fair play to them, I admire them and I am also slightly jealous of them. The facts are though, that I like many other asthmatics am unable to stay fit and keep the weight off. This is partially due to my asthma preventing me doing too much physically and then years of taking prednisolone and spending weeks on end laying in a hospital, this combination doesn’t help keep my weight down. I am sports mad, I used to play lots of sport but unfortunately I physically can’t do it anymore, I really wish that I could, I used to find it very enjoyable. Some people will say that I use my asthma as an excuse but I really don’t think that I do, some days I struggle to stand outside, other days I struggle to walk, other days I can walk for miles but tear days are few and far between. I admit that I don’t always eat healthily, I always have had a big appetite but because I was so active I used to burn off the calories, these days I can go days without leaving the house but I still want to eat the same amount of food. I know that I need to improve my diet but even this is hard when the high doses of prednisolone keep giving me the munchies.


The simple facts are that if I could somehow manage to lose some weight it would probably help my asthma but it would not cure it. Some people read things on the internet or in the newspapers and start thinking that because one asthmatic can run a marathon then so should I and the only reason that I can’t is because I am unfit. In fact before long they start thinking that asthma is not my problem but my weight and fitness is. As I said at the very start of this piece, everyone’s asthma is different and so is the severity, don’t compare me to the likes of David Beckham, fair play to the guy for achieving what he has done in his life despite having asthma but it is unfair to compare his asthma and mine.

The other thing that annoys me is people who claim that they have discovered some magical cure for asthma, some kind of herbal remedy or the likes. Again great stuff, I am delighted if you have found something that has helped you but once again I seriously doubt that any herbal remedy will cure my asthma, I wish it would but it won’t. The trouble is though that people beleive these stories and will either start spouting off to me and telling me that I should rub the root of a plant that only grows in some remote part of the Australian outback into my left calf on the second Tuesday of every month while standing on one leg while saying the alphabet backwards and if I do this my asthma will be cured, nothing personal but I will stick to my nebs and preds.

Of course it will be better than ventolin!

It’s nice when we hear that people have achieved things despite their asthma and it is great when people’s asthma improves because of one reason or another but at the end of the day their asthma is different to mine and don’t compare the two and don’t judge me, my condition and my fitness until you get to know me!

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