10 Asthma Myths, Lies & Truths

Let’s be honest, those of us who suffer from asthma and in particular severe asthma all receive lots of advice and information, some of it is occasionally correct and useful but much of it (in my opinion) is nothing more than myths and lies. Here are some of the things that I often hear and what my thoughts are:

Asthma is psychological (or in your head)!

Complete and utter rubbish, it is medical condition that has numerous triggers and symptoms (of which some are life threatening). Don’t get me wrong, I am all for a bit of positivity and psychologically it can help a little but to be honest if your airways have closed up, you are unable to breathe and you are turning blue it is very hard to feel positive and to be truthful it is t going to help you start breathing. In addition to this please do not tell me when I am struggling to either, calm down or it is anxiety or a panic attack!

Asthma is not serious or life threatening!

 I do not really want to dignify this statement with a proper response apart from how uneducated do you have to be to come out with such nonsense!

Asthma need not change your life!

If taking in excess of 30 tablets a day, using 3 different inhalers, a nebuliser and monthly injections hadn’t caused a change in my life, the fact that I have numerous hospital admissions each year, miss months of work every year due to my asthma, I am unable to do many of things that I had done previously (e.g. sport and exercise) I am unable to leave the house in cold weather, I have put on a lot of weight, I am always tired and as a result of my medication I now have steroid induced diabetes which has resulted in me having to take insulin probably have caused serious changes in my life.

Prednisolone does not cause you to put on weight!

Depending on the dose and the length of time taking it then you may be lucky and avoid this (which is one of many) side effect. However if you are like and continuously take high doses I can confirm that prednisolone is the root of all evil!

Asthma is easy to control!

Yep I don’t really need my 30 tablets, 3 inhalers, injections and nebulisers to control my asthma, it is easily controlled by just one puff on an inhaler each day! For Gods sake, get real, despite all my tablets, inhalers, injections and nebs my asthma is very rarely under control! 

You are asthmatic because you are unfit!

More realistically is that you will become unfit because you have asthma rather than you have asthma because you are unfit.

You will grow out of asthma!

The facts suggest that you won’t. Yes if you have asthma as a child there is a chance that symptoms may not be as severe as you get old older. The chances of growing out of it completely are pretty slim.

All asthmatics wheeze!

No we don’t ! This is despite what many A & E doctors think. There needs to be some air movement for there to be wheeze, a quiet or silent chest is very serious and is often mis-diagnosed! This really is another of one of my pet hates.

Asthma can be cured!

I wish! Someday maybe and there are new treatments getting developed all the time. At the moment it is all about attempting to control it.

Doctors know best!

Now don’t get wrong, I’m not say that doctors don’t know what they are doing, there are far more better doctors (and nurses) than poor ones. The point is though that in many cases the asthma sufferer is the person who knows best, they usually know their triggers and symptoms far better than a doctor, the asthmatic knows exactly how they feel where as a doctor can only tell by what he sees (and hears) what your sats say and ultimately by what you tell him.

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