Asthma, Hot Weather, Wheezing & A Weekend Away

So the weather continues to cause my lungs a lot of grief, from the cold windy days of a week or so ago, to thunderstorms over the weekend we now have high temperatures. This sudden improvement in the weather has come too quickly and my asthma is struggling to cope. I am still managing to get to work but every day hour of every day is a struggle. Hopefully with the forecast suggesting that this hotter weather will be with us for a while yet my lungs will acclimatise and settle down. 

I am still not sleeping well, I regularly suffer from a shortness of breath (especially following any exertion, regardless of how strenuous), my chest always seems to be tight and I am continuing to be wheezy which is beginning to bug me now as I rarely wheeze. 

Hopefully the lungs will settle down in time for this weekend as we are spending a few days at the in laws up in the Lake District. I’m not sure whether the fresh air will help me or the pollen and heat will have the opposite effect. Either way I am just looking forward to having a few days away from everything and hopefully recharge the batteries. 

Meanwhile this blog continues to grow and since it started in March I have managed to have plenty of rants and moans, I have shared some of my experiences and also had a bit of a laugh. The feedback that I have received is unbelievable with numerous people telling me that they have found some of the things that I have written on the blog useful. As I said when I started writing the blog the intention was to use it as a kind of therapy for myself and to get things off my chest, I wasn’t sure that anybody would read it and to be honest I wasn’t that bothered, it was purely for selfish reasons rather than to help others. I must admit though that it does give me a bit of a buzz when somebody messages me to say that the Blog has helped them. 

We are rapidly approaching 5000 hits for the blog which is just beyond belief. I thank everybody who has taken time to visit the blog and I appreciate every bit of feedback along with all of the shares and retweets that the blog has had on social media. The intention is to continue writing the blog for as long as possible and as always if anybody would like to write a piece for the blog please get in touch.

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