Prednisolone – the root of all evil

Prednisolone, I can’t live with it and I can’t live without it. Every time that I have a medical problem my GP always says that my Prednisolone is to blame. I reckon that I could get hit by a car and break both of my legs and my GP would blame the Pred!

So what is Prednisolone to blame for?

Donald Trump becoming President, it is obvious that Prednisolone is to blame, as we all know Asthma is rife in America and so all the prednisolone that is taken has effected many peoples brains and so the voted for Trump!


Famine & Starvation, this may surprise people but famine is the fault of prednisolone, simply because all of us on pred eat so much food that there ends up been a food shortage / famine!

Scunthorpe United missing out on promotion, the reason that my beloved football team failed to win promotion was nothing to do with losing in the play offs or not been good enough but because of prednisolone. Due to my high doses of prednisolone I have felt too tired and unwell to attend every game and my lack of support has obviously cost the team dearly.

Piers Morgan, lets be honest, anybody who talks so much garbage must be on high doses of prednisolone, it is the only explanation, his irrational behaviour, mood swings and apparent ‘confusion’ etc are all side effects of our favourite little pill.

In all seriousness though there are lots of side effects associated with prednisolone and this often means having to take additional medication to control / counteract the side effects.

  • Infections (your resistance to infection may be lowered and you may catch more colds), because that is exactly what us severe asthmatics need!
  • Increased appetite, always having the munchies when on pred
  • Indigestion
  • Feeling full or bloated, well I look it and so I might as well feel it!
  • Heart burn


  • Stomach pain and cramps which usually means adding another tablet to my growing list
  • Weight gain (or allegedly loss), without fail one of the biggest gripes that those of us on preds have is the weight gain.


  • Weakness
  • High blood pressure, I am a stroke / heart attack waiting to happen
  • Unusual tiredness confusion, muscle weakness or muscle cramps. This may be caused by low levels of potassium in your body
  • Mood changes, well at least I can use this as an excuse for been moody and miserable all of the time!
  • Difficulty sleeping, how I miss a good night sleep!
  • Worsening of schizophrenia
  • Worsening of epilepsy (more fits)
  • Skin problems including thinning, acne, flushing, redness and appearance of reddish/purple lines, we all have the complexion of a spotty teenager working at MacDonalds
  • Unusual bruising, this is one that I get a lot of, especially around my eyes.
  • Wounds that do not heal
  • Bones fracture or tendons tear more easily (osteoporosis) and so we need to take extra medication to help reduce the risk!
  • Filling or rounding out of the face, or as we call it…moonface


  • Irregular periods which may stop altogether, though this does not effect at least half of us!
  • Unusual increase in hair growth on the body or face
  • Reduced growth in babies, children and teenagers
  • Feeling more thirsty and passing water (urine) more often than usual (this may be a sign of diabetes – and thanks to prednisolone that is what I now have which also means that I need to take insulin which further adds to my problems). Prednisolone causes my blood sugar levels to spike and become erratic which leads to me having hypo’s and hyper’s


  • Water and salt retention in the body
  • Blood clots, not too bad for me as I have only had this issue twice
  • Blood problems (leukocytosis)
  • Eye problems including cataracts and increased pressure in the eye (glaucoma), worsening or return of previous eye infections.

But then to cap it all (unless you are lucky enough to be prescribed the coated ones) they are chalky and unpleasant to take, especially if you have to take a lot of them. The most common tablet is 5mg and so depending on your dose you can regularly end up taking anything up 12 tablets at a time. One mistake by my GP a couple of years ago actually resulted in me receiving 1mg tablets and since my daily dose at the time was 60mg I was forced to count an take 60 tablets, not nice and I told both my GP and pharmacy exactly what I thought!






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