More Asthma Problems

As I had expected, my asthma prevented me from doing anything this weekend. After arriving home from work on Friday evening until setting off for work this morning (Monday) I didn’t leave the house once. My breathing was bad all weekend and I didn’t get much sleep either. The nebuliser continued to get some hammer and there is little sign of things picking up. In fact things took another turn for the worse on Saturday when during a bad coughing fit I did myself some damage, I believed at the time that I had strained or pulled something in and around my chest but the pain got steadily worse over the weekend. Eventually the pain got so bad this afternoon that I went to see my GP who has now told me that I have strained the muscles in and around my right shoulder but even worse I have cracked a rib!

Obviously there is very little that can be done for a cracked rib apart from take pain killers, rest (refrain from heavy lifting etc) and time. The concern is that this causing me more problems for my asthma as I am struggling to breathe as it is, add to that it now hurts more than ever, every time that I take a breath is very painful and don’t even ask me about when I cough!

I have been advised to increase my prednisolone (joy) and take my nebuliser more frequently to try and help with the breathing, the worry is that due to the additional pain and increased difficulty in breathing I may be more prone to an asthma attack and if I do have an attack I will be in even more pain.

I have spoken to work and they are happy for me to continue going to work (if I am up to it) but only on restricted duties, I am to be confined to the office and no lone working is allowed. I’m not sure that I agree with these stipulations and restrictions but I do understand it. We are short staffed at work and we have a few busy days coming up and so I am desperate to go in, never mind the fact that I don’t want another period of absence. The aim is to just try and muddle through, at least until Thursday when I am due to see my respiratory consultant.

The hot and humid weather has come to a shuddering halt which in theory should help my breathing, today has felt an awful lot fresher, however the wind has picked up and is forecast to hit 40mph later on in the week which doesn’t bode well.

So once again I am fed up and having yet another moan, saying that the events that have unfolded in Manchester and London over the last few weeks helps put things into context. I am still here and still fighting. There is always somebody suffering more / worse off and so I need to remain positive.

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