Respiratory Consultant – Missing in Action!

Missing Person

Has anyone seen my respiratory consultant, I am becoming concerned for here well being, there have been no sightings of her for months!


I was discharged from my last hospital admission at the end of January and as per usual I was given an appointment to see my consultant as an outpatient to see how I was progressing (usually to see them within 7 days of discharge). The appointment was then cancelled by the hospital and re-arranged for March. I attended the appointment and both my consultant and I were slightly concerned and we agreed that things weren’t quite right as to regards my asthma control. She said that she wanted to see me within 4 weeks and that the hospital would write to me with an appointment. I waited for 5 weeks and I still hadn’t received a letter and so I rang the hospital (I gave them more than the 4 weeks as they are always behind). The hospital said that they would look into why I had not been given an appointment and one would be made for me. Another couple of weeks passed and still I had no letter or appointment. I rang the hospital again and they actually arranged an appointment for me over the phone, this was for 1st June. Finally I thought that I was getting somewhere. My health was still not right and as I have written previously on this blog I find most days a struggle, my asthma really feels different this year and I am not coping or controlling it as well as I usually do.

The only other contact that I have had with the hospital (apart from trying to so arrange appointments) is with the respiratory nurses while I am having my Xolair injections (every 4 weeks). I explained to the nurses that I was struggling and that I felt that I needed to see the consultant which they agreed with. They said that they would see what they could do but I was better off ringing my consultants secretary but that is who I had already been speaking to and was getting nowhere. Then during my last injection the nurses wanted to admit me because my breathing was so bad. So all in all I am not great and struggling to get to see my consultant but at least I was going to see her on 1st June, or so I thought. A few days before the appointment I received a letter saying that my consultant would be on holiday on 1st June and so a new appointment had been made for the 8th June, I wasn’t happy but at least it was only a week later. Then last week I cracked a rib during a coughing fit as a result of my asthma. This has led to another week of struggle but never mind at least I was going to see the consultant this week. That was until less than 24 hours before the appointment was due it was cancelled once again and now I am not due to see her until the 6th July.


To say that I am not happy is an understatement, the fact that my health is so poor at the moment and having to go what will be a 4 month gap between appointments (it may be longer if they cancel again) is not helping, especially when she wanted so see me within 4 weeks. If my health was god I wouldn’t be too concerned but this is getting beyond a joke. In addition to this because I work 60 miles from where my consultant appointments are situated, along with the unhelpful times I have to keep booking these as days holiday and then cancelling them, this is now causing problems at work,  my employer and fellow employees try to work around me but then when they forgo holidays or re-arrange meetings and courses so that it doesn’t clash with my appointment only to then find that my appointment gets cancelled it is not fair on them.

I understand that my consultant is very busy and there will be people who need to see here even more urgently than me but this is really winding me up.

I am due my next Xolair injections next week and so I will tell the respiratory team how I feel, unfortunately it wont do me any good!


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