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At the moment nearly every morning is proving to be a struggle but at least this morning I was going to be able to have a couple of extra hours in bed due to having an hospital appointment at 9am for my Xolair injections. This meant that instead of having to set my alarm for 5am (which is the time I get up when I am working) I could joyfully set the alarm for the much more appealing 7am. Unfortunately my lungs were once again going to have different ideas. As soon as I got into bed on Sunday night I knew what was coming. Even though I ‘sleep’ using a lot of pillows to prop me up I started to wheeze and cough straight away. My chest tightened and I knew that the chances of sleep were slim. The coughing was really causing me a problem as I am still suffering with pain from the rib that I cracked during a coughing fit the previous weekend. Every time I coughed it was as though I somebody was stabbing me in my chest, in between the stabbing pain from the coughing the crushing pain and discomfort from my tight chest I was really starting to struggle, the hours ticked by as did my salbutamol in take, initially via my inhaler before resorting to my nebuliser. I hate having too much salbutamol as eventually I end up having the shakes and I find it even harder to sleep, saying that the though the need to be able to breathe is greater than the need to sleep. 

Eventually I did doze a small amount but to be honest it was another night where I may as well not bothered going to bed. As per usual though when it was time to get up I actually felt as though I could sleep. I spent some time on my phone with work as were busy this morning and short staffed. The phone call highlighted a few problems at work and despite not knowing how long I would be kept at the hospital following my injections I knew that I had to get to work at some stage.

I managed to make it to the bathroom just as I had a pretty bad nose bleed. Not what I wanted but is something that often happens following a lot of nebuliser use, add to this I am also on Rivaroxoban which is a blood thinner. I then had another bad coughing fit which left me in agony and all the more frustrating as despite all the pain my cough was non productive and I wasn’t able to cough up any mucus. 

I managed to get myself sorted and had my shower before returning to my bedroom to check my peakflow, blood sugar levels, oxygen levels, heart rate and blood pressure. My peakflow was garbage which was hardly surprising with my damaged rib and poor breathing. My oxygen levels weren’t too bad, my heart rate was high (not surprising due to the salbutamol), my sugar levels weren’t too bad but my blood pressure was through the roof. 

Then it was medication time, which takes a few minutes to sort, my prednisolone dose is still at 40mg and so my insulin dose is quite high to compensate, I took the rest of the my tablets, inhalers and nasal spray before chilling for a few minutes. I then packed everything into my bag that I would need at the hospital and at work.

To be fair I felt terrible and there was no way that I could stomach any coffee or food and so didn’t bother with any. I managed to grab a coffee at the hospital before having my Xolair injections. My pre injection sats were pretty similar to what I had recorded at home and following a chat with the respiratory nurse I had my injections. The last few injections have required me to remain in hospital for 4 or 5 hours afterwards for observation. The nurse thought that I should stay for 4 hours today as my sats and my breathing in general wasn’t great. I did ask if there was any chance I could leave any earlier as I felt Ok and I was needed at work. The nurse checked with my consultant who agreed that because I had not really shown any serious side effects or reactions following my last 2 or 3 lots of Xolair that I could go straight away. 

I then made the 60 minute drive to work and arrived at 11am. To be honest with what happened at work it was a good job that I went in. Everything that could go wrong did and despite my ongoing problems with my asthma I managed to get through the day pretty well. I eventually got home at 7pm this evening and I am now absolutely shattered. At least I only have 4 more days at work until I (hopefully) go on holiday!

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