Asthma & Holiday Worries

I have never needed a holiday more or feared one as much as the one that I am due to have this coming week. I have had a pretty rough year so far and a holiday is just what I need. My wife and I both felt that we needed to get away and that we needed to have a relaxing holiday, that is why we booked a week in Puerto Pollença in the north east of Majorca. We have been to the resort before, it is very picturesque and fairly quiet, there aren’t many children there, there are are no night clubs and only a couple of pubs. It is the kind of place that you go out for an evening meal and spend the whole night at the restaurant, enjoying good food, a few drinks and watch the world go by. You struggle to get a drink after midnight and it is a beautiful, quiet, relaxing place to visit. The fact that the town is pretty small and we know it pretty well means that we know our way around and will spend the week relaxing. We are staying in the same apartments that we have done previously, the location is superb, the rooms are clean and cool, the staff are great and it is a great base for a week.

The whole problem though about this holiday is that I have never gone in holiday before while my asthma is as badly controlled as it currently is. In addition to this the forecast is for the temperatures to hit the mid thirties and not to even drop below the mid twenties over night. The combination of my health and the predicted heat is filling me with fear. I am like most people in that when I am unwell I want to be at home and not in a foreign country. I usually have some worries before going on holiday but this time I actually expect to be unwell. At least the flight is only a couple of hours.

My packing has been fun, I have packed 2 nebulisers, enough nebules to drown in and so much medication that I am likely to be thought of as a drug smuggler. It is not a pleasant thought going on holiday expecting to be unwell. The only positive thought is that I can do what I want, when I want, I can stop in bed and I don’t have to worry about getting up for work.

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