Asthmatic Holiday Update

So I was very nervous during the build up to my holiday and as expected it has proved to be hard work but so far I am enjoying it. The temperature has not dropped below 30 during day light hours and there is little breeze. Night time temperatures are also really high and the mercury has not dropped below the low to mid 20’s.

We had a shock upon arrival in our appartment when we discover that the air con was set to 22 which is way too high for me. The remote control was screwed to the wall with a metal case covering all of the buttons apart from the on / off button. I know that many asthmatics dislike air conditioning but I love it and the cooler the better. So one of my first jobs upon arriving here on Monday was to buy a screw driver, remove the case / cover from the air con remote and reset it too 16 degrees. The 3 euros spent on the screwdriver was money well spent and our room temperature is now superb. 

Saying that though as soon as we leave the room I struggle, my breathing is very shallow and I am hitting the salbutamol very hard, via both nebuliser and inhaler. 

We are still managing to get out and about during the evenings and have enjoyed some excellent food. Puerto Pollença is so beautiful, quiet and relaxing.

We have done very little so far but we have eaten well, we have had a few beers and despite not getting out and about as much as I would like both the wife and I are having a good time, we are relaxing and taking things easy which were the main aims of the holiday.

So despite my continued worry and my ongoing problems coping with the heat, I am making the most of things and enjoying my holiday, the apartments are superb and it is the 3rd time that we have stayed here.  Hopefully I will continue to enjoy the holiday until my return home next Monday. 

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