Another bad week with Asthma

Another week has come and gone and once again my asthma has caused me problems. I started the week feeling a little bit down following the review with my asthma consultant the previous week in which she had told me that she felt my asthma was becoming more brittle and unstable. She also told me that there was little else that she could do for me as we had tried just about everything that was available to me. 

I had my Xolair injections last Monday and I seem to be suffering less and less side effects with each injection which is great, however I am still not as convinced as my consultant is that the injections are doing me any good. As she points out, I have had fewer hospital admissions this year than what I usually do, It’s just a shame that I feel as though I am struggling to get through each day and I am having less and less symptom free days.

Unfortunately I had a bad night on the Monday, my chest was really tight and I spent most of the night wide awake and on my nebuliser. When my alarm went off for work on the Tuesday morning there was no way that I was well enough to make the 60 mile journey, never mind attempt a full day at work. I blame the weather for the flare up as it was extremely humid throughout the day and over night. I contacted my boss who is well aware of my condition and we both agreed that I should not even attempt to get in to work (even if I started to feel a bit better), therefore for the first time in a few months I missed work as a result of an asthma flare up. 

I felt a bit better on Wednesday and I managed to return to work and I managed to complete the week but not without problems. Because of the flare up and the fact that I still wasn’t feeling great I decided to increase my prednisolone which did its usual trick of sending my blood sugar levels through the roof. This prompted me to increase my insulin dose which ,ed to me having my first hypo for a month or 2. This was on the Friday morning and despite feeling as rough as hell I managed to complete the day (I had little choice due to us being short staffed).

My breathing then deteriorated on Saturday and culminated in me having what I would class as an asthma attack on Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t a particularly severe one and I did improve following 3 back to back nebs. There was never any real thoughts of a hospital visit and even though it took it out of me I took things easy for the rest of the day and apart from a stinking headache and feeling shattered I was ok. That was until I went to bed, I endured another bad night and the nebuliser got some hammer again.

All in all another fairly poor week, yet for some reason I don’t feel as down as I did a week go. I don’t know why but I am feeling a bit more positive and more hopeful. Fingers crossed that this optimism remains!

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