Grumpy Lungs and Chest Infections

So we are reaching the end of July and we are well into summer, by now my lungs are usually co-operating with me but in what has been my strangest ever year as a severe asthmatic things continue to be unpredictable. Despite not feeling particularly well I had managed to go a few months without having to take any time off sick, unfortunately though the wheels are beginning to fall off. In the last two weeks I have missed two days of work due to my asthma, the second of which was last Thursday. I felt terrible, my sats were not good and I struggled to do anything all day. My chest was as tight as hell and I was coughing more than usual. I managed  to get to work on the Friday but in hindsight I should have stayed at home. I wasn’t right but when you has as much time off sick as me it isn’t an easy decision to stay at home. I deteriorated further over the weekend even though I did manage to attend a friends birthday party and despite not feeling great I had an enjoyable few hours. Sunday was a strange day as I was very up and down, one minute I was struggling to breathe yet minutes later I felt fine.

Monday morning came and I felt worse than usual (I always feel rough first thing) and much to my dismay I started coughing up some green and sticky mucus and gunk, a tell tail symptom of a chest infection. Usually at this stage I would start my emergency dose of antibiotics however I had none due to the fact that at my last GP visit I had to see a different doctor who would not prescribe them, I understand the reasons why but my usual doctor knows he and my condition and always prescribed them in the knowledge that I would only take them if I needed them.

Though feeling ‘ropey’ my sats were only a little bit lower than normal. I decided to go to work and see how things went. To be honest and despite my cough getting worse and coughing more green mucus and gunk up I was just about managing. My workmates realised that I wasn’t right though and the chest infection symptoms were a concern and so I made an appointment to see a doctor.

Unfortunately my usual doctor wasn’t available and so I had to see somebody who I had never seen before. I hate it when this happens as it usually means going through my full medical history yet again and this time was no different. She was nice enough and listened to what I had to say and she examined me before telling me that she thought that I might have pneumonia and that she was going to call for an ambulance. I was stunned and protested, I knew that I wasn’t well but I didn’t feel that I was so unwell that I need to go to hospital. After further examinations and consultation with a colleague it was decided that it was unlikely that I had pneumonia and it was more likely that I was suffering from a chest infection which is what I suspected in the first place. Because of my sats and worries about me because of my history and medical conditions I was told to take the rest of the week off of work. Complete bed rest for two days, plenty of fluids, increased prednisolone, increased nebulisers and a seven day course of antibiotics. I was told that if there was no improvement after three days that I would need to go back and the would look to get me admitted to hospital. 

This morning (Tuesday) I feel worse than ever but fingers crossed the antibiotics will soon start to kick in. The last thing that I want or need at the minute is another hospital admission. Now to cap it all, the increased dose of prednisolone is playing havoc with my blood sugar levels!

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