A week in the life of an asthmatic

I decided that I was going to write a piece on a week in the life of an asthmatic (me) a while back but decided a couple of weeks ago that I would write about this week whether it was good, bad or indifferent. The reasons for this is that I had quite a lot planned. A day at the test match (technically the end of the previous week), the start of the football season, a few days in Scarborough, an hospital apppintment, my wife’s birthday, a day at work (just the one) my first away football match of the season and a planed meal out with friends. What could possibly go wrong?

I am not going to write about what time I get up and what medication I take etc but more a general over view of a week in the life of an asthmatic, so here goes……

Another week has passed and once again I have had to struggle to get through it. A week which started pretty well took a nosedive half way through and now I find myself with yet another chest infection, more anti-biotics, another increase in prednisolone and more nebulisers. To top it off I have had to have more time off work and missed another football match as a result of my asthma and chest infection.

The week started with an early start on the Sunday morning for the drive to Scarborough where we were going to spend a few days, the weather was decent and I spent most of the time outside and getting plenty of fresh air. We had some lovely meals out, we did some walking and we saw a bit of cricket.


The weather changed on the Tuesday and we had a lot of heavy rain and so we headed home on the Tuesday. This enabled me to get to see Scunthorpe play on the Tuesday evening, a game that I was not originally planning on going to. Unfortunately while I was at the game I was effected by a flare / smoke bomb that was let off during the game (which I blogged about at the time and can be read by clicking Here)

Wednesday started off ok but I felt myself going slightly downhill throughout the day, at the time I believed that it was as a result of the flare at the game. Wednesday night I hardly slept and my SP02 (which rarely drops much below 96 when I feel ok and usually remains above 90 even when I am pretty bad) dropped to 91 and my peakflow dropped to 50%.

I was desperate to get through Thursday despite feeling pretty rough as it was my wife’s birthday (a landmark one which for arguments sake was her 21st…..not).


Thursday started with me going to the hospital for my monthly Xolair injections during which time I discussed how I felt with my asthma nurse. We thought that I may be starting with another chest infection and she recommended that I visit my GP. At this stage I was still blaming the flare at the football. Despite my sats still struggling I managed to take the wife out for a birthday lunch but my chest was getting worse, I was coughing badly and I was fearful that it maybe was another chest infection. As soon as we got home I made an appointment to get checked out. Unfortunately I got the news that I expected but didn’t want, another chest infection, my second in 3 weeks.

Following a week off work to travel to Manchester for the test match the previous Friday, the football on the Saturday in Scunthorpe, a few days in Scarborough and time with my wife to celebrate her birthday I was due to return to work on Friday.

Friday morning arrived and I still felt rough but I was desperate to get to work as I was falling behind with some important paperwork which needed sorting prior to an upcoming audit. Even though I have felt worse it wasn’t a great idea going to work, I didn’t even make it to lunchtime. I spent Friday afternoon in bed before getting up to watch a bit of television before before my chest beat me into submission and I returned to bed. Friday night was a bad one, no sleep, plenty of coughing and plenty of nebs.

Saturday was due to be another busy day with me having a ticket for Scunthorpe’s first away game of the season at Rochdale, a fixture that I always look forward to, Rochdale have a tidy stadium, a decent social club, a great chipping next to the ground and it is an easy and short journey down the M62. However because of my lungs I couldn’t risk it and so I missed the game. For the record we drew 1-1


The intention was that if I had gone to Rochdale I would return home straight afterwards to go for a birthday meal with the wife and a small group of close friends. Despite missing the football I was desperate to not spoil / miss the night out. It was touch and go whether I could make it but fortunately the restaurant was only a couple of minutes walk from the house so pumped full of medication, nebuliser in my pocket and a fair bit of trepidation we set off. I wasn’t feeling great, I was sensible and I managed to survive the meal. All of our friends who were there know about my condition and were fine with the fact that I wasn’t getting drunk and kept checking with me that I was ok. I knew that I would probably suffer as a result of going out and doing too much and that seems to be the case, my sats are pretty pathetic this morning, I hardly slept and the nebuliser was in constant use. As I write this (Sunday morning) I feel as though I have been hit by a bus, I am completely shattered and I intend to do nothing for the rest of the day apart from watching tv, lay on the bed and probably feel sorry for myself.

I have an hospital appointment on Monday (for a problem with my eyes) and the aim if well enough is to try and get back to work on Tuesday.

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