Sorry state of affairs in Asthma management

An excellent piece written by Olivia Fulton, her blog can be found at:


It is gut wrenching when you read in the news all these medical advances in a variety of different conditions such as advancements in type 1 diabetes management, new techniques for donor nephrectomies in kidney transplants. better understanding treatment of HIV but then you see that since NRAD (National Review of Asthma Deaths) nothing has changed infant things have got worse. In Edinburgh the Lothians and Fife 34 people have died from asthma attacks in the last year alone. A record high. It is really scary to see that after a national report was released nothing has changed infact its got worse.

Its hard to sit back and watch these other chronic conditions have advancements which potentially could benefit the majority of those with the condition but with asthma there hasn’t been a widely available drug since the 90’s which is montelukast or singulair. there have been drugs such and…

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