Another Asthma Update

Regular readers of this blog will know that my lungs have not exactly behaved themselves much recently, in fact I would say that this summer has seen me struggle more than any other year during these so called warmer months. Fortunately I have avoided any hospital admissions since January and up until these last few weeks I hadn’t really had any time off work because of my asthma. My bad days aren’t necessarily as bad as it can be but it is just that I never seem to have many good days anymore, every day is a battle and it us taking its toll, I am always exhausted and feel that I am running on empty but I just aim to keep going.

Well for a change and not wanting to speak too soon and jinx things I seem to be having a better few days. I returned to work last Tuesday following another chest infection (which forced me to miss a Scunthorpe United away game at Rochdale) and since then I have actually felt pretty good. My breathing, though not perfect, has been better, the chest tightness has eased, I have managed some sleep,  my sats have improved to something closer to what they should be and to top it off I even managed a night in the pub with my mates on Friday followed by getting to the Scunthorpe United game at home to Oxford United (and we won). At the moment I am in a better place with my asthma than what I have been in months, it may not last long and even though I don’t want to over do things I am going to try and make the most of things while my lungs are playing ball. The intentions are to go see Middlesbrough play Scunthorpe on Tuesday night and then next Saturday I should be going to the test match, England against the West Indies at Headingley.

I have always said that my aims are to just battle through the bad days and enjoy the good days, that is exactly what I am doing now.

One other bit of good news is that this blog has received some recognition from the Feedspot website which has named this blog as one of its top 15 asthma blogs and the founder of  Feedspot, Anuj Agarwal also said this about Asthmablog1971:

You have an impressive blog with high quality and useful content on Asthma.

You can see the Feedspot top 15 asthma blogs at the link below:
Over the last week or so I have redesigned the blog and given it a fresh new look, for which I have received positive feedback which is good to hear. The home page also has a new address of but can still also be found by using the old address of

I would also like to thank Olivia Fulton for allowing me to share a picece on this blog titled “Sorry state of affairs in Asthma management” that she originally posted on her own excellent blog The link to that piece is HERE

So fingers crossed that my improved health will last a while longer yet and hopefully the blog will continue to grow and go from strength to strength. 

Thanks for reading and no you are not imagining this piece, I have actually written something fairly positive and not single rant or moan to seen!

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