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I started this blog as a way of letting off steam about my asthma, just putting into words how I felt, what my frustrations were and this blog allowed me to (excuse the pun) get things off my chest. Initially I didn’t expect many people to read it but over the months the blog has had thousands of visitors and I have had lots of feedback, some just saying that they were experiencing similar problems and experiences, others found that some of my stories were helpful and informative (I’m not sure how that happened) and others found the blog enjoyable (even more surprising). Through the blog and the supporting Twitter and Facebook accounts I have made many new friends, received good advice and support (for both my asthma and the blog) and hopefully I have helped others along the way.

I am not alone in writing an asthma blog, there are quite a few now that I am aware of, many of which started out for the same reason as this blog. They are all different, some concentrating more on sharing the bloggers personal experiences while others try to help and give advice, either way most of them make interesting reading. I have occasionally shared other bloggers stories on this blog and hopefully I will continue to do so.

In addition to asthma blogs there are a number of interesting and useful websites that I can recommend to any asthmatic. Below are details and links of just a few blogs and other useful websites.

The obvious first online port of call for an asthmatic is Asthma UK, the website offers loads of useful information and advice and is always well worth a read, especially for any newly diagnosed asthmatics. In addition to their main site they have a forum / message board which comes under the Health Unlocked group of forums. . Additionally there is the AUKCAR (Asthma UK Centre for Applied Research), this site makes for interesting reading and AUKCAR along with Asthma UK they are always looking for volunteers to help shape the future of asthma, whether it is by joining a group contributing to the websites, providing feedback, speaking to researchers, other asthmatics and medical profesionals. Joining one of these groups can be rewarding for the individual and can also help work towards improving treatment and care for asthmatics for years to come. Information can be found on both websites.

Another source of useful information is the BLF (British Lung Foundation) site.

As already mentioned there are a number of excellent asthma blogs around, just a few of which can be found at the following links:

Anonymous Asthma

Why Wait Just Breathe
Easy Wheezy Breathy

And Breathe (My Breath Site)

Asthma Won’t Beat Me

My Asthma Journey

My Journey Every Step of the Way

There are others and I apologise if I have missed any out (let me know and I will add a link).

Other useful websites that I use are Evergreen Nebulisers, which is the best site about for purchasing and gaining information on nebulisers. They are most asthmatics “go to company” for nebulisers. Yellow Cross is another site that I use, they specialise in medication bags and the site is well worth a look.

Finally I would like to mention Breathe Charity a website that was set up in memory of (and for the charity of) Cameron Good. The charity is doing brilliant work and if you would like to know more about Cameron you can read the blog that I wrote about him a few months ago – Cameron’s Story or visit the Breathe Charity website.

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