A Confused Asthmatic

My asthma is very unpredictable, the unpredictability of it is one of the biggest annoyances of the condition. Not knowing from day to day how I will be feeling makes it very difficult to plan anything. Despite the unpredictability though, I am quite experienced and knowledgable on my asthma, I can usually spot the signs and I adapt my life or plans accordingly. I also know that I am a lot worse in the winter and if I do have any periods of good control and reasonable health it is usually in the summer. That is why this summer has been so frustrating, despite avoiding hospital (sometimes against medical advice) my asthma has been a mess all summer, regular chest infections and my Xolair seemingly becoming less effective. I have not managed to reduce my prednisolone dose any lower than 30mgs and my nebuliser has had a lot more hammer than it usually does during the summer. 

So all in all a pretty poor summer health wise which has resulted in regular absences from work and also a constant feeling of fatigue. I finished my most recent course of antibiotics on Tuesday 15th August. Since then my health has steadily improved, I am managing to get some sleep, I have managed to get to couple of football matches (including a midweek away game), a night out in the the pub with my mates and the intention is to get to the 2nd day of the Headingley test this weekend between England and West Indies. I seem to have more energy, I have massively reduced my salbutamol intake and I have even managed some DIY around the house. 

I can’t understand it, the weather has been all over the place but it has been very humid, a combination of changeable weather and the sticky humid conditions usually cause me problems. Somehow though I have flown through things, no problems at all, I am not complaining but I can’t understand it. I hope it continues, I have managed to go a full week without going on my nebuliser for the first time this year. To be honest I must be getting on people’s nerves, I am just so hyper, full of life and buzzing about like the Duracell bunny. To be honest I had forgotten what it was like to go more than a few day days in succession without struggling. As I wrote recently in a piece called Another Asthma Update most days are a struggle and the aim is to just get through them, then when the good days come I aim to make the most of it and enjoy them. 

I know that my asthma is deteriorating and changing an awful lot but this good spell has come totally out of the blue, without warning and against everything that I expected (bearing in mind how my summer was going and the weather conditions were not favourable). It is all very confusing but I am enjoying it while it lasts, who knows I might even be finally able to reduce the prednisolone to below 30mg. This good run may end today, tomorrow, next week or next month, who knows, but my sats are fairly settled which is a good sign that I won’t ‘bomb’ anytime soon!

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