My Asthma and Pleurisy

So another week and another problem. My breathing has been a bit erratic over the last week or 2 but I started to struggle big time towards the end of last week. I was pretty rough on Saturday but didn’t feel too bad when I woke up on Sunday morning. That was a relief as I was due to go watch Scunthorpe United at Doncaster Rovers in a big local derby. On my way to the game though I started to struggle a bit, my breathing felt wrong and the right hand side of my chest became painful. I managed to see the game but by the time I got home on Sunday evening I knew that things weren’t right. 

I hardly managed any sleep on Sunday night due to the pain in my chest and for what use my pain killers were I might as well have taken smarties! Things continued to deteriorate, the pain becoming worse and was now effecting not just my chest but my upper back and shoulder. There was nothing else for it and on Monday afternoon I made an appointment to see my GP (I can’t even be bothered to write about the farce it was in making my appointment). The doctor diagnosed my problem as Pleurisy, this is something that I knew a little bit about but not too much. 

Pleurisy is when the layers that cover your lungs become inflamed and irritated. This causes a painful stabbing pain upon every breath, I can confirm that it is very painful). It can also lead to a build up of fluid which can cause breathing difficulties. Usually, pleurisy occurs after a chest infection which is something that I have suffered from recently. There is no cure (antibiotics can be used if it is bacterial), all that can be done is pain management!

I often have difficulty breathing at the best of times but add to that a sharp stabbing pain upon every breath things become pretty nasty. I have found that using heat packs and laying in my right hand side (the side where pain is) helps a little but it is almost impossible to get comfortable. The pain caused by this Pleurisy is one of the worst pains that I have suffered and it is effecting my breathing pretty badly. I am just desperate for it to clear!

So I can now add another problem to my ever increasing list of problems with my lungs or excuse of the medication I take to help me breathe. Another bad week but at least Scunthorpe beat Doncaster!

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