Bad Asthma Advice

Everybody is an expert, everybody has an opinion, everybody gives (not so) good advice. If the advice that you are about to give us listed below, please don’t waste your breathe (however good your intentions are).

1. You take too many different medications
I know that I take lots of medication, I’m not even sure what each tablet does any more, all I do know is that have the medication that I do take is to counteract the side effects of the of half of the medication that I take. If I no longer know too much about some of my drugs how the hell are you supposed to? 

2. You should stop / change doing……….

I know you probably mean well and you maybe correct, maybe I should get rid of my cats, maybe I should pack my job in, maybe I shouldn’t live in the cold, damp climate of northern England and I should live in a different climate, maybe I should stop eating certain foods, maybe I should stop standing outside in the cold while watching football. Maybe I want a life and try and do some normal things. I have made many lifestyle changes because of my asthma, I may make more in the future but just for now I am not stopping or changing anything else!

3. It’s all in your head/ you’re just stressed/ depressed/ anxious

Yep, it’s all in my head, the fact that I can’t breathe, it has nothing to do with my lungs or airways. Yes I get stressed (like everybody else), yes I get depressed and down from time to time, who doesn’t? I accept that a positive attitude and mentality can help but it doesn’t help me breathe. Oh and by the way don’t tell me to stay calm or relax!

4. You need to get out more

I’m trying, I do want to get out more often, I want my social life back!

5. You just need to push on through it / get on with things

This makes me want to scream. I am often told that I am overdoing things and need to take things easy. Then I am often told “Everyone gets tired, gets headaches etc, you just need to push through it.” The problem with this statement is the underlying assumption that a person with a chronic illness is not already pushing themselves. I push myself every day, many days are a struggle, I know that people don’t want to hear it and so I often keep it to myself when I am having a bad day (and trust me, there are lots of them). I push on through my symptoms, sometimes people realise that I am struggling but much of the time they don’t. There is a difference between pushing and pushing past your limits. Pushing myself is vital and necessary but exceeding those limits can be dangerous and damaging!

6. You need to take things easy

Make you bleeding mind up, I listen to my body, I will try to do what I can, when I can, I may get it wrong sometimes but I am doing my best.

7. It will get better with time

Last time I looked there was no actual cure for asthma!

8. You’re just having a bad day

Very few people see me when I am having a bad day, simply because when I am having a bad day I can’t leave the house. So trust me, if you are talking to me it is probably an average day and not a bad day!

9. You need to get more exercise

I used to love playing sport, I wish that I still could, I know that if I was a bit fitter it could only benefit my asthma, the trouble is that I have is that fstening the laces on my trainers usually give me an asthma attack!

10. Try this…………

Because I haven’t tried just about everything out there, I have tried virtually every tablet and inhaler, I have a flutter device, I have a salt pipe, I have an air purifier. Some help, many don’t but honestly I have tried just about everything.

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