Hospital Admission – Facts, Figures and Awards

Writing this blog over the last few days has helped me tremendously, giving me a platform to get things off my chest and also try to make sense of a few things. I have also had some great feedback on support from fellow asthmatics, friends and colleagues.

I will try to carry on with the daily updates (as much for my benefit than anybody else’s) but as at the moment apart from feeling shattered I am doing ok and so I though that I would just jot down some facts, figures and comments from this admission.

Fact – The blog has had more visitors than ever and Sunday saw the most hits that the blog has had in a single day!

The award for the most sarcastic comment was when it was claimed that I am the cause of a power surge in the area due to the ammount of things plugged in around my bed, obviously some of the equipment plugged in is vital life saving equipment such as my phone charger, in addition to the phone charger I am also powering my iPad, Apple Watch, 2 fans, Bluetooth earphones, the bed, Nebuliser, CPAP and my infusion pump. When you also add in the pay tv (rip off), lights and buzzers my corner of the ward does look like the bridge on Star Trek!

The award for the daftest question goes to the doctor who woke me, discussed with me how I wasn’t sleeping well, was suffering from hypo’s and was exhausted following a number of asthma attacks and flare ups actually felt the need to ask whether I was tired!!!!


Fact – a meal of a jacket potato and baked beans that I was served one day last week contained less beans than the number of prednisolone tablets taken that day!


Figure – I have so far moved bed / ward on 4 occasions.

Fact – I have now consumed more oramorph than alcohol this calendar year (or at least it feels like it)

Figure – During this admission and despite my high dose of steroids and reduction of insulin I have still had 7 hypo’s!

Figure – number of decent (I wil not go as far as to say good) hospital meals so far……2, the Cornish pasty (the first one I had, unfortunately I tried another one again a few days later and found it inedible and with hardly any filling. The chicken curry was also reasonable.

Fact – if all of my empty salbutamol nebules that I have used during this admission were stacked on top of each other they would reach beyond Mars!

Figure – So far I have only had one takeaway meal brought in, this does not include sandwiches etc. This number will increase, probably today!

…and finally for now the Award for the biggest idiot goes to the one doctor who 5 minutes after meeting me, who hadn’t bothered to read my notes, had no interest in my asthma action management plan, no interest in my history, the fact that I was on a respiratory (where he was just acting as cover and had been called for by the nurse who had noticed a deterioration in my obs and I had told her that I was displaying all the signs of going into a full blown asthma attack) decided that even though I was admitted with a silent chest that I could not be suffering from asthma because I was not wheezing, he declared that he felt that I was worrying needlessly, it was all in my head, had nothing to worry about and suggested turning down my oxygen. 1 hour later I was having a full blown attack, the following morning a complaint was made against the doctor!


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