Hospital Admission – Day 15

Just a quick update today as things have not gone as well over the last 24 hours. This has left me exhausted and not in a really talkative mood (combined with an iffy Wi-fi signal).

The majority of day 14 was excellent and full of positives until around 9:30 – 10:00pm which was after I had already posted my day 14 update, I was laying on my bed when my chest began to tighten and I became short of breath. I wasn’t too concerned at this stage as my problems were familiar and not particularly any more severe than usual. I quickly took a neb which usually helps but this didn’t. The nurse case, my chest was getting worse, I was going funny colours and my breathing was not good. We started back to back nebs, I was given IV hydrocortisone, Oramorph, paracetamol and tramodol but my chest got tighter and tighter, this had now escalated into what I would class as a full blown exasperation. The doctor was sent for (again) but it took / hours of back to back nebs (empty nebules from last night are pictured below) before my chest began to settle down.

The rest of the night was a right off, I was shattered but because of all of the salbutamol I was bouncing all over the place. I tried the CPAP and though it offered some relief I still couldn’t sleep and then to cap it off I had a bad nose bleed at 4am which we struggled to contain. I do suffer from nose bleeds from time to time as s result of taking rivaroxaban (blood thinner) and sometimes my nebuliser causes the odd nose bleed, I’m also sure that the CPAP didn’t help.

So day 15 of this capture was spent trying to recover from the previous night, to be fair I have dozed a bit but no meaningful sleep. I’ve had family visit me as well but not too much else to report.

Hopefully this is only a slight setback and not totally unexpected and for now I remain on IV aminophylline and 2 hourly nebs. I am also due to see my consultant tomorrow so we will see where we go next.

No update would be complete without my NHS meal photos.

Lunch was Chilli which was actually very nice, it even had a bit of a kick to it, just a shame that there wasn’t a lot of it but I did enjoy it, the rice is strange though!

The evening meal was supposed to cod in parsley sauce, trust me, no fish were harmed in making my meal!

Disgusting texture and taste, total slop!

Thanks for reading and apologies for typing and grammar errors or if any of this is a garbled mess, I am blaming tiredness, salbutamol shakes and brain fog.

Roll on day 16!!!!!

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