I suffer from what my Respiratory Consultant calls “complicated, chronic, severe asthma”

I suffer from what I consider is a Respiratory Consultant who gives things stupid names and titles. In fairness I have a great relationship with my consultant and in fact  with the whole respiratory team at my local hospital. For that I am thankful!

What I actually suffer from is asthma, which has resulted in a cocktail of drugs which over the years have taken their toll, I have lost my boyish good looks (well I think that I had them), my six pack (so this is a fib, I never had one) and I due to years of taking Prednisolone I now have steroid induced diabetes.

This blog and twitter feed will hopefully allow me to share my experiences, moan about things and hopefully help myself and others. If anybody ever wants to get in touch, discuss things, need a sounding board etc just give us a shout on here, email or twitter!

If my blog and rants become boring, repetitive or offensive I am very sorry.