• It is now exactly a week since I was admitted to hospital for my second capture of the winter and my first of this calendar year.

    To be honest this latest capture did not come as a surprise as I have struggled […]

  • Once upon a time I was a teenager who suffered from the odd minor asthma attack. My asthma didn’t particularly change much until I reached my thirties, by which time it had become brittle, it was much more severe […]

  • My asthma is traditionally very bad at this time of the year and so it comes as no surprise that I am struggling somewhat. Amongst my triggers I find that extreme temperatures (especially cold) and sudden changes […]

  • I stupidly seem to say the same thing at the start of every new year “Well surely this year can’t be as bad as last year”, and here we are almost a week into the new year and I already realise how stupid (or […]

  • I have used nebulisers for years, the first nebulisers I had were all mains powered, they were loud and they were anything but portable. In recent years though as technology has moved on, not only have they become […]

  • Last week saw my life finally getting back to something like normal. I began work again (initially at home for a couple of 4 hour days) before going back into the office last Thursday. My chest is much better but […]

  • On the first day of Christmas,
    my respiratory consultant prescribed to me
    An Aminophylline IV!

    On the second day of Christmas,

    my respiratory consultant prescribed to me
    Two crap lungs
    And an Aminophylline […]

  • On Friday 20th October I got up, I travelled the 50 odd mile journey to work and I went about my job as I did most days. Following a 10 hour shift I made the journey home, that same evening I attended a local […]

  • I recently discovered an excellent blog about asthma or more specially, a blog by the mother of a young asthmatic (Charlie) and their journey together. Hence the name of the blog “Our Asthma Journey”

    The blog […]